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No more than 3% Wastage Guaranteed.

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European Test Report
BS EN 12326-1 : 2004 Product Conformity test for Roofing and external Cladding Slate.

“The Windsor Premium and The Balmoral Grey Slates” Passed all Tests, and were awarded The Highest Codes available A1, S1 and T1.

reclaimed welsh slate

Reclaimed Welsh Slate.

balmoral grey slate

Balmoral Grey Slate

burlington grey slate and westmorland green slate

Burlington Grey Slate and Westmorland Green Slate

emerald green slate

Emerald Green Slate

30 year established

Reclaimed Slate

reclaimed slates

Every Slate Hand Sorted, and Graded, by Roof Slates.

reclaimed slates

Reclaimed Welsh Slates

balmoral grey slates

Balmoral Grey Slate

burlington grey slate and westmorland green slate

Burlington Grey Slate and Westmorland Green Slate

emerald green slate

Emerald Green Slate


Self Build Roof Slates / Grand Designs

Chez Jallot:

This beautiful old Manor House called Chez Jallot was built about 130 years ago in a tiny hamlet called Vidaillat in Limousin, central France. The Manor House was built out of local granite and has 3 main floors, cellars and a huge attic. Chez Jallot has a lot of history, during WWII it was the headquarters of the local resistance until it was discovered and completely burnt out in July 1944. All that stands now are the granite walls and attached barn, so this is a massive project to take on.grand designs

Taking on this project, are Miss Denise Daniel and Mr. Doug Ibbs.

Denise found our company on the internet, and knew exactly what type of slate she was looking for. A first grade Chinese Roofing Slate (Balmoral Grey). Size: 300 x 200 (a typical French size), and 18,000 of them please.

When we said yes we have the slate, and that particular size of slate, Denise was amazed, because I think she had been looking for the slate a long time. Therefore, on February 17th 2004, we delivered 18,000 Balmoral Grey Chinese Roofing Slate to Chez Jallot.

Channel 4 Grand Designs: Self Build Roof Slates

The entire renovation and refit is being filmed for the Channel 4 programme Grand Designs, and was shown in late Autumn 2004. The unique features and history of the Manor House make it of special interest to the production company, and this will add to the impact the programme has on its viewers. The scale of the project means that it is likely to be re-visited with a second programme being shown.

The slate used for the Grand Design's project, was the Balmoral Grey Roofing Slate.This is probably the best Chinese Roofing Slate available, and is only available from Roof would also like to thank Saskia and Martijn Zandvliet-Breteler for their warm hospitality, fantastic meals, and letting us stay at their Grand Abbey Hotel.

A diary of progress and more details of the project can be found on the web site


Family run business, with over 30 Years experience supplying roof slates.


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Wastage of Roof Slates:

Normal wastage in Transport of any slates New or Reclaimed is approximately 2% to 3%.

Normal wastage to get the Slates up to Roof Level is approximately 2%.

Wastage when fixing the slates depends on many factors i.e. the complexity of the project, ( valley cuts, skylights etc) and the experience of the Roofer.

Taking all these factors into consideration, we recommend you allow approximately an extra 10% when ordering your slate.


Roof slates supplies ITV - CORONATION STREET

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Roof slates supplied the reclaimed slates for the new set of the most famous street in the UK

12,000 - 24 x 14 reclaimed welsh slate supplied for Coronation Streets new set.



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Roof slates is one of the largest supplier of roof slates in the UK.

Roof slates will only accept and supply quality roof slates. £££ roof slate prices £££


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Roof slates supplies BBC - DIY SOS in Manchester


diysos 1 DIY SOS: Building A Veteran's Village diysos 2



Roof slates supplies Channel 4's - Grand Design's - Chez Jallot:

grand designs slate 1

We delivered 18,000 Balmoral Grey Roofing Slate.


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